My Dreams for You

I stand here, eyes away from you,
As you let go hurtful words and degrade me.
I will say to myself, I hate you,
But the heart says the opposite.
You want a piece of loaf in the table,
I did not bring any.
You want a new robe in your closet,
I did not buy any.
That’s why you’re so angry at me.
You brought back my wrong decisions.
You brought back my past mistakes.
But things are different now,
I did not say a thing.
For me, I have so much more in mind.
Your dreams for me, I wonder,
Are just not what I want to be.
Your visions of me, I know,
Are just not what are meant to be.



The Right Piece at the Right Time

Like puzzle pieces, at the right time, everything fits perfectly into the right places. It’s frustrating to complete a jigsaw puzzle where the only easiest parts to do are the corners because the pieces that are supposed to be placed on the corners are less complicated and the crooks are just on the other side. It’s hard to complete the rest of a jigsaw puzzle especially when the pieces are so tiny but then you have to complete a large size portrait. You have the picture in your mind to follow, you grab the piece that might fit well, you turn it upside down thinking maybe if you do rotate it, it might fit the spot this time. But what if it’s not the right piece for that spot and not the right piece for the moment? There are still many pieces on the tray, choose again. In fact, you will surely need that piece later in the story, but for now, with a little spoiler, let that piece go. We don’t choose random pieces. Well, in reality, some of us are just doing a blind search for pieces and depends on luck. That won’t normally work. We have brains right? Let’s use it so it won’t rust. What we should do, with the help of our rationally thinking brain, we search for the piece that we think will match the colors and the patterns of the other pieces that are already at the right places of our incomplete portrait. The chances are high that it will perfectly fit that place if you choose the piece logically and wisely. It’s a waste of time to choose random pieces and will just hasten the completion of the portrait that you’ve been anticipating to finish already because there are still a lot of puzzles in life to complete. Jigsaw puzzle is not just the only puzzle in the world. Next time you might deal with word puzzles.

Time to use feelings. Then, you will feel if it’s the right one because it fits! Perfectly! At last! It fits! Don’t be so happy it’s not done yet. You just made your brain works. Do the same thing again. And again. And again. I will assure you the portrait will be complete soon.

Welcome to reality! Like completing a puzzle, life is full of distracting puzzle pieces and it is much more complicated than a jigsaw puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle box will only contain pieces that really belongs to the portrait. Life is a box of mixed puzzle pieces of different portraits. What to do now? This time we really need to be really extra careful of choosing the pieces for out of it comes a permanent picture of our own life. Some pieces will come in the same size and form but with different pictures, colors and designs. Yes it will all fit a spot, but will it be the right piece that you see in your visions? Will it fit the picture you are dreaming of completing? Sometimes, more often, what we want is not what we get. Don’t lose hope. We can still make a beautiful picture out of the pieces that we have. Out of the pieces that we get, out of the pieces that fit the spot. As a saying goes, “If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade.”

Like A for Apple, Pieces for People. “Get yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely.” Said Luke Graham in his song Seven Years. So, whenever we go places, we tend to meet new people, because who can stand a place alone without any acquaintance? We can’t stand to be lonely. As another saying goes, “No man is an island.” No man can survive the journey of life without the help or company of other people. Even so, we can’t have them company for the rest of our journey. Like flowers that blooms and fruits that we harvest, people in our life come in seasons. Once their season in our life is through, we have to be strong to wave them goodbye. We will take our own roads. But don’t be sad. There are people who will surely stay and walk the path you want to take because they want you to know that you’re not alone. They will be there, and you’ll never walk the storm alone.